Mission Aware


We are excited to announce a new missions training course called Mission Aware for your church to gain greater awareness of the Great Commission. It is suitable for all Christians regardless of the stage of their journey as it is a beginners course.

*Please click on the blue text here for the Order form for Mission Aware‘ You will need to email the form to the address indicated when you open it. 

What you will need:

  • A small group of Christians to do the course authorised by your church leader.
  • A leader.
  • A leaders pack which includes the DVD set.
  • A booklet per person attending the course.
  • A TV or projector to show the DVD session.

A Six Week Course:

The course lasts over six sessions. The DVD for each week is played first (between 15-25 minutes) then work through the booklet with your leader. Allow 90 minutes per session including discussion. Each week has suggested reading and websites to visit.

  • Week 1: What is Mission?
  • Week 2: Unreached People in the World
  • Week 3: The Church and Mission
  • Week 4: Sharing the Message of Christ
  • Week 5: Let’s Get Practical
  • Week 6: Your Unique Place in Mission

The cost:

  • £25 for the Leader’s Pack which includes the DVD’s.
  • £2 per booklet for each person on the course.
  • Plus p&p.