The Heart of Our Ministry

The Great Commission is found in Matthew 28:18-20, where Jesus instructs his disciples to make followers of Him from all nations. It is a command and is still relevant for all Christians, everywhere. In Acts 1:8, just before Jesus’ ascension into heaven, he tells his disciples that they will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon them and he then gives the scope of mission being from their locality and right to the ends of the earth. As we study that scripture, the word ‘and’ is specifically relevant, meaning that their influence would be local and global.

As Christians, this command to share the good news of Jesus, should be to our family, workplace and locality as well as to the ends of the earth. Joshuaproject.net tells us that 42% of the world are still unreached with the gospel. With the advancement of the internet and technology, how could this be? Yet, there are significant parts of the world where there are no gospel preaching churches in people’s mother tongue and where to be a Christian is illegal and followers of Christ could end up in prison, or worse. I would encourage you to look at this website as is gives an unreached group of the day to pray for.

Even if you are called to your local area, praying for the unreached people groups in the world increases your global spiritual footprint and involves you directly in this global command.

As a couple, we believe that Christians need equipping on their global mandate and this is why we set up Your Mission (our charity). We wanted to inform Christians of the global need for the gospel to be spread and encourage believers from everywhere to take the Great Commission to heart. We set up Your Mission in 2013 and have travelled to various nations around the world as well as countless churches within the UK. Together, we have led mission teams into Europe and seen great fruit in people’s lives who have taken part in such trips. As well as this, we have led a mission academy in London.

As well as his full time chaplaincy role, Edward is involved in lecturing on church history online to Malaysian students. This year, Rachel travelled to Serbia to speak at a women’s conference and in the past we have helped to partner in schools ministry in central Serbia. Our passion is to see people trained up to reach the world. We still encounter those with a specific call to a nation or people group and we love to spend time with such people, encouraging them and signposting them to good organisations they can partner with. Edward also has a heart for church pastors serving in challenging contexts around the world, and we are often used by the Lord to encourage in such situations.

Our Trustees and Directors

Edward & Rachel Issitt

Edward and Rachel Issitt are the founders and directors of Your Mission. They have a passion to see all Christians finding their place in the Great Commission. As a couple they believe that the gospel could be preached in all the world in our lifetime, but it will take serious effort from all believers.

 Richard Keeble

Richard is married to Amba and they have three children.  He enjoys family time, eating out and films.  He graduated from Mattersey Hall Bible College in 2001 and has been involved in church leadership for 15 years.  Richard and Amba were based at King’s Church, Portsmouth, then, Willows Community Church in Grimsby. He has pioneered a number of community projects over the years, through the local church, with a particular emphasis on reaching fathers and their families. 

Richard Smith

Richard Smith leads Oasis Church Feltham, London (AoG). He brings with him years of experience in youth and senior leadership. He resides in London with his wife and family. Richard is an accomplished musician, carries a pastoral/ leadership gift and often leads anointed worship in the church. He has a heart for the lost and a heart for the nations.

Katie Smith

Katie Smith leads Oasis Church Feltham, London (AoG) with her husband Richard. She has a gift for leading and carries a heart of faith and wisdom. She carries a positivity and ability to see the big picture; solving problems in a unique and God empowering way. Katie plays the saxophone and is a minister with the Assemblies of God churches in the UK.